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quarta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2009

Cerâmica do Egito Copta

Egyptian Coptic Pottery

Jarras de cerâmica egípcias do período Copta (séc. 6 e 7 d.C)
Pottery jars from the Coptic Period vary from containers for grain and water to crockery. Made from local clay, the jars either have incised or painted decoration in red, white or yellow. In addition, there are zoomorphic, floral and geometrical decorations.

Detalhe da foto anterior: esta jarra Copta mostra uma pintura em engobe de pássaros e plantas (séc. 6 e 7 d.C)
Large pot decorated in black and red with a bird, a rabbit and some geometric forms.
Egypt, Coptic Period 6th – 7th Century A.D.

Estas peças pertencem ao Museu Histórico de Alexandria, Egito
These pictures have been taken by Luciana Chagas at the Historical Museum of Alexandria, Egypt. The text also have been written by the curators.

Fotos: Luciana Chagas

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